Name: Lesley Little
Role: Salon Owner/Style Director/Trainer
Joined Halo: I opened the salon in August 2003, I started hairdressing in 1993 and have never looked back. Absolutely love what I do, don’t feel like it’s a job! Love every aspect of hairdressing although my favourite part are my staff & clients. I love making my clients feel on top of the world and making them feel great about themselves.
Specialised in: Cutting & colouring is definitely my speciality but I love the odd hair pin up too.
Favourite colour: Red
Hobbies: Spending quality time with my family & friends, taking selfies, drinking prosecco & holiday blogging
Star Sign: Cancer

Name: Toni Little
Role: Salon Manager/Senior Stylist
Joined Halo: 1 June 2005.
Specialised in: Colour, cutting, hair extensions & curls.
Favourite colour: Pink
Hobbies: Socialising, fitness classes, going abroad, taking selfies by the pool & drinking cocktails.
Star Sign: Pisces

Name: Kay Malloy
Role: Senior Stylist
Joined Halo: May 2007.
Specialised in: Cutting, loves re-styles & short cuts
Favourite colour: Coral
Hobbies: Going to the theatre to see musicals, eating out with the family, thinking Im a backing dancer for Beyoncé when on a night out.
Star Sign: Leo

Name: Lisa Nicholson
Role: Beauty Manager/Head Beauty Therapist
Joined Halo: January 2012.
Specialised in: HD Brows, gel nails & spray tans
Favourite colour: Pink
Hobbies: Spending time with my niece & nephews, going to the cinema, helping out in a sweet factory on my day off.
Star Sign: Pisces

Name: Lucy Cuskin
Role: Salon Manager/Senior Stylist
Joined Halo: June 2007.
Specialised in: Ombre colour, bouncy blowdrys, short hair (I can’t choose one, I love it all)
Favourite colour: Red
Hobbies: Socialising, going to the gym, eating everything and anything,
Star Sign: Leo

Name: Laura Clack
Role: Senior Stylist
Joined Halo: July 2016.
Specialised in: Loves meeting new clients and progressing in the salon.
Favourite colour: RED
Hobbies: Going out on the lash down the pub

Name: Zoey Bone
Role: New Stylist
Joined Halo: September 2012.
Specialised in: Colour & cutting, make sure clients look & feel good.
Favourite colour: Red
Hobbies: Gym, going out at the weekend, professional weekend pole dancer.
Star Sign: Cancer

Name: Julie Worthington
Role: Receptionist
Joined Halo: July 2016.
Specialised in: Greeting all of our lovely clients with a smile & make sure their Halo experience is fantastic. I am also always on hand for any queries they may have or appointments to make. I am also great at making tea & coffee.
Favourite colour: Purple
Hobbies: Running and trying to keep fit.
Star Sign: Virgo